How Do I Get a DWI Reduced in Texas?

To get a DWI reduced in Texas, you or your DWI lawyer (David Burrows Attorney – Best Lawyers in Dallas: D Magazine 2018.) must negotiate with the prosecutor or petition the court to have the charges reduced or thrown out (NOT GUILTY). A DWI reduction will decrease the severity of the charges and penalties that you face or, in the best possible scenario, the prosecutor or a judge will agree to dismiss all charges pending against you.

It is very important to hire a lawyer like David Burrows, who is well known by his peers and judges in the Denton, Dallas, Plano and Collin County areas. Hire the BEST!



2018 NOT GUILTY Verdict on 0.16 Blood Test Dallas County Jury Trial
2018 NOT GUILTY Verdict on 0.16 Blood Test Denton County Jury Trial