What is the Texas Zero Tolerance Law?

In Texas, the “Zero Tolerance Law” refers to the state’s stance on minors and alcohol consumption. If a driver below the age of 21 has any measurable alcohol in their system, they will face a DUI or DWI charge.

The type of charge an underage driver faces under the Zero Tolerance Law depends on their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and the circumstances surrounding their arrest.

How Does the Texas Zero Tolerance Law Apply?

The Zero Tolerance Law applies to any person under the age of 21 who drives a motor vehicle in a public location throughout Texas. They do not have to be a Texas resident or hold a Texas driver’s license to face charges for breaking this law.

This law also applies to anyone who operates a boat or watercraft, flies an airplane, or assembles or operates an amusement park or carnival ride. However, in most instances, it is referred to in the context of underage drinking and driving.